Cold . . .


Deathly Cold



Dudley J. Fetzer


















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Cold…Deathly Cold was written by Dudley J. Fetzer, June 6, 1991.  It is a totally fictional story and any similarity to anyone, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


This story is about friends and foe.  About beasts and death.  About murder and mystery.  It’s alpha and omega…a beginning and an ending, but who is the killer?  Is it the beast, or is it the weird news editor of the local paper.  You will have to use your imagination, because I just don’t know…. hmmmmmmmmm maybe it’s me…









Copyright 1991, 2000, 2001 by Dudley J. Fetzer and Fetzer Computer Systems.


Published by Fetzer Publishing a division of Fetzer Computer Systems.


All Rights Reserved.


Printed in the United States of America.


First Printing.





CHAPTER I . . .  Beginnings



Well, it’s been three days now, but let me start at the beginning . . .


The lights momentarily dimmed, the air hung heavy with a musty scent and the noise was deafening as the old newspaper press came to life.  Residents of Blooming Grove and the surrounding area had received their news from the Republic for over seventy-eight years, but the years had not been kind to the old newspaper building or the town.  Once a growing farming community, Blooming Grove had obviously seen its better days.  Only the old folks and people like Dan and Michelle Lowery were still calling the now run down little berg home.  Dan and Michelle were your typical girl and boy next door.  They had a cute three-bedroom brick ranch house just on the edge of town.  Anytime you went by that way, Abby, the golden retriever, would be running and jumping against her nylon rope in hopes of busting loose so she could see the wide world that was Blooming Grove, Indiana.  But Abby never got loose from her nylon confines except when Dan would take it off and let her run after the tennis ball he’d throw.  Of course then Dan would spend the next fifteen minutes chasing Cujo, which is what he would call her during these romps, trying to get the ball back.  Dan started calling Abby Cujo because after he chased her she would start to slobber and foam from the mouth.  He claimed she was Stephen King’s Cujo in a Labrador’s body, but really she was a good old dog and Dan really loved her.


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                        Fall in love with that young couple, Dan and Michelle, find out what holds them and the old folks to Bloomings Grove, Indiana.  Learn to love that pretty dog the young man calls Cujo, but most of all, see why Blooming Grove is….

                       Cold, Deathly Cold.

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